Half the Battle

#16 — Best Disguise Ever!

#16-HtB Best Disguise Ever Image

This and oth­er Half the Bat­tle comics can be seen (with added com­men­tary) on the HALF THE BATTLE page.

Now you know…

Peo­ple keep ask­ing me — “Dan­ny,” they say, “what do you think about Buster Keaton’s 1925 movie, Sev­en Chances?”  Well, those peo­ple will nev­er know, because I haven’t told them about this site.  But YOU can find out by click­ing here: SEVEN CHANCES REVIEW


Buster, Hat Girl

Buster and either a flap­per or a vamp… I can’t tell which.

Quantum Weep

My first TV review is up.  This is to an episode of Quan­tum Leap.

Here’s the link: Quan­tum

Or, you can check it out in the Hor­ri­ble TV Review Sec­tion

Like it or not, more to come soon…