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In addi­tion to hav­ing super-mod­el good-looks and bil­lions of dol­lars, I also make movies.  I went to NYU’s pres­ti­gious (ie — expen­sive) Tisch School of the Arts and grad­u­at­ed with a dual degree in Film/TV and Eng­lish.  Here are some of the movies I had a hand in making…



First, there is my 2001 16mm stu­dent film, which is more-or-less about why girls did­n’t seem to like me.  Though I now look at it as a bit­ter, frus­trat­ed rant, it was extreme­ly pop­u­lar in school and got vot­ed into NYU’s film fes­ti­val, where it was the only film to get a stand­ing ova­tion DURING the screen­ing (as opposed to dur­ing the cred­its).  Appar­ent­ly, there are a lot of bit­ter, frus­trat­ed guys out there… Any­way, I wrote, direct­ed, pro­duced, edit­ed and starred in this one.  The fram­ing of the video is screwed up, because while NYU has more mon­ey than they know what to do with, their 16mm to dig­i­tal trans­fer tech­nol­o­gy was to boot­leg the screen­ing with a vhs cam­era (I kid you not).  About 30% of the film around the edges are cut off…


I’m in a sketch com­e­dy group called Alien Silo.  We get togeth­er to eat cook­ies and write sketch­es that we do noth­ing with.  This time, though, we decid­ed to actu­al­ly film one.  I think it came out pret­ty good (most like­ly because I did­n’t direct or edit).  I wrote and co-pro­duced this.


With his long, gold­en hair, my nephew looked exact­ly like baby Thor.  This was made sole­ly to show­case how cute he is…


This was anoth­er stu­dent project.  It’s a (2 minute long) fake com­mer­cial, mak­ing fun of how mar­ket­ing “genius­es” just make every­thing EXTREME for kids.  Per­son­al­ly, I wish my com­mer­cial was a lit­tle more extreme itself, and that the sound was mixed bet­ter, but what can you do?  I wrote, pro­duced, direct­ed and edit­ed this one…


This is a fake music video that my friends and I made on a lark one week­end.  It was made in 2003, before doing this sort of thing was cool… (Okay.  It was nev­er cool…).  I wrote, pro­duced, direct­ed, (unfor­tu­nate­ly) starred and co-edit­ed this one.


Here is anoth­er 16mm stu­dent film.  It is star­ring myself, rock­ing a full jew­fro, and my good col­lege bud­dy, Sar­ju Patel of Red and Tan Pro­duc­tions.  In this project, I was not allowed to use sound, so it’s total­ly silent.  For­tu­nate­ly, the plot shines through in the over-act­ing… The sto­ry behind this one was that I had a total­ly dif­fer­ent idea before we were to shoot, but the orig­i­nal actor nev­er showed, so I had to come up with some­thing new on the spot.   I “wrote,” direct­ed, starred and edit­ed this one.



This was a free­lance project that I edit­ed togeth­er in 2011.


In case you hate, hate, hate watch­ing the videos on this site, here is my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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