Half the Battle #11 — Under the Mask

Half the Battle

#11 — Under the Mask

In the sec­ond install­ment of Half the Bat­tle, I intro­duced the Mous­tache Squad, the ulti­mate sub-group in GI Joe.  How does one make it into this exclu­sive fra­ter­ni­ty?  Well, take a clos­er look at the name of the sub-group — there’s a clue!  When I first post­ed this strip, I was wor­ried that sen­si­tive, hard­core nerds would have a prob­lem with the fact that I sneaked Snake Eyes in there.  Much to my sur­prise, nobody had a prob­lem with Snake Eyes being in the Mous­tache Squad, and, indeed, approval of him being on the team has been my most com­mon feedback.

This strip was my answer to why Snake Eyes was on the team, cre­at­ed to quell those hard­core nerds who would mad­ly insist that Snake Eyes does­n’t have a mous­tache.  Because absolute­ly nobody seemed to have a prob­lem with Snake Eyes being there, it’s kind of super­flu­ous… but I did it any­way. Enjoy!

HTB #11 - Under the Mask

Now you know…

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