Half the Battle #29 — Girls Can Be Cruel

Half the Battle!

#29 — Girls Can Be Cruel

HtB 29 - Girls Can Be Cruel

In the episode that this was based on, “Spell of the Siren,” all of the men were mes­mer­ized by the Baroness’s mag­ic conch shell.  How­ev­er, there was a quick scene that revealed that some of the guys (I believe it was Rip Cord, Wild Bill and Recon­do) were not on base when the Baroness’s attack hap­pened, and were thus unaf­fect­ed.  In ret­ro­spect, this scene was total­ly point­less, since they did­n’t do any­thing for the rest of the episode, but when I was a kid, I mis­un­der­stood what hap­pened, and thought they had mag­ic pow­ers and were able to resist the shell.  If I had seen it a few years lat­er, I prob­a­bly would have thought exact­ly what the ladies were say­ing now…

Now you know…



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