Half the Battle #17 — Sloppy Thirds?

Half the Battle!

#17 — Sloppy Thirds?

#17-HtB Sloppy Thirds Image

I pret­ty much love every episode of the Sun­bow GI Joe car­toon.  Some­times I love them because they are goofy and insane.  Oth­er times I love them because they are straight up awe­some.  The “Worlds With­out End” two-parter was one of the awe­some ones.  In it, a group of GI Joes get trapped into an alter­nate dimen­sion where Cobra has tak­en over the world and all of the Joes are dead (Steel­er and Grunt even see the burnt-out skele­tons of their dimen­sion­al coun­ter­parts — an image that was burned into my grey mat­ter as a 6 year old…).  At the end of the episodes, the Joes find a way back to their own dimen­sion, but Steel­er, Grunt and Clutch decide to stay behind and lead a rev­o­lu­tion against Cobra.  They stay behind and we nev­er see them again.  It’s an end­ing that I’ve nev­er for­got­ten and haven’t seen on anoth­er show to this day.

The con­text of this joke come from the fact that in this dimen­sion, the Baroness is secret­ly a part of the resis­tance and in love with Steel­er (the guy in the goofy hel­met).  I guess the oth­er thing to know is that Flint and Lady Jaye are a cou­ple and, in oth­er episodes, the Baroness tends to flirt with Flint… I guess this is one of my more eso­teric strips…

Now you know!

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