Half the Battle #16 — Best Disguise Ever!

Half the Battle!

#16 — Best Disguise Ever!

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Snake-Eyes, the mute, black-clad, nin­ja com­man­do with a pet wolf, is, by far, the most pop­u­lar char­ac­ter in the GI Joe mythos.  I’m con­vinced that one of the appeals of Snake-Eyes is the fact that he does­n’t talk.  Basi­cal­ly, he’s a mys­te­ri­ous and pow­er­ful spir­it that silent­ly pro­tects the Joe team.  Hear­ing Snake-Eyes say, “Can you pass some of that onion dip?” or “I like bur­ri­tos, but they sure don’t like me!” kind of shat­ters the illu­sion of awe­some­ness. By exten­sion, know­ing what Snake-Eyes is think­ing would have the same effect.  Espe­cial­ly if he’s the freaky-deaky weirdo that I por­tray him as…

This strip comes from an actu­al scene in one of the ear­ly episodes of the car­toon.  It is prob­a­bly the goofi­est scene in the entire series… *remem­bers the time Ice­berg got turned into a whale* …Well, sec­ond goofi­est.  In the car­toon, Ship­wreck and Snake-Eyes are in the back the tour­ing van of a Cobra rock-star(?!?).  When Cobra Troop­ers sur­round the van and demand a show(?!?), Ship­wreck and Snake-Eyes put on some cos­tumes and pre­tend to be in the band.  Ship­wreck puts on the cos­tume you see in the last pan­el of the strip.  Snake-Eyes puts on the out­fit you see in the third pan­el, includ­ing wig and panty hose over his uni­form.  Now, maybe it was the only oth­er cos­tume in the van, but the fact that they also found dis­guis­es for Snake-Eye­’s wolf and Ship­wreck­’s par­rot (includ­ing a lit­tle hat and sun­glass­es for the bird) leads me to believe that Snake-Eyes just want­ed to wear a dress.

Not that there’s any­thing wrong with that… Let your freak flag fly, Snake-Eyes!

Now you know…

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