Half the Battle #15 — Bringing the Thunder!

Half the Battle

#15 — Bringing the Thunder!

HtB #15 - Bringing the Thunder! Image

Even though Thun­der was in the old Sun­bow car­toon, I hon­est­ly did­n’t remem­ber him at all when I reac­quaint­ed myself with the series.  He left absolute­ly no impres­sion on me.  And I fig­ure that gives me carte blanche to give him what­ev­er per­son­al­i­ty quirks I want.  So, I made him ter­ri­bly cheesy.

Alpine and Bazooka, on the oth­er hand, I remem­ber very well.  They were two of my favorite char­ac­ters when I was a kid.  They are a great team.  Alpine is prob­a­bly the wit­ti­est char­ac­ter on GI Joe and Bazooka is the slow­est.  It’s like Grou­cho and Lau­rel, but with grap­pling hooks and bazookas!

Once again, I found myself run­ning behind sched­ule, and to catch up, I used lim­it­ed ani­ma­tion tech­niques.  Take a look.  In some pan­els, I just changed the mouths.  As for Thun­der’s tank, the (awe­some­ly named) Slug­ger, I out­right traced a pic­ture of the toy and copied it in every pan­el.  There was no way I’d be able to stay on mod­el otherwise…

Now you know…

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