Half the Battle #13 — Operation: Wet Breakfast

Half the Battle

#13 — Operation: Wet Breakfast

HtB #13 - Operation: Wet Breakfast

I’ve tried to post a new strip every week since I start­ed this lit­tle endeav­or, and so far, this is the first strip in which I failed (par­tial­ly due to trav­el­ing for the hol­i­days, most­ly due to lazi­ness…).  To make up for it, I’ve includ­ed a strip that includes some char­ac­ter fan-favorites that have nev­er made it into my strip before: Hawk, Low Light, Sci-Fi and Fire­fly.  I’ve always thought that Low Light and Sci-Fi were some of the coolest Joes out there.  My thoughts on Sci-Fi have been tem­pered slight­ly, due to the fact that he is a real bitch to draw (Low Light’s still cool, though).

Fire­fly is also one of my favorites.  Hav­ing re-watched some of the old Sun­bow car­toons recent­ly, I came to real­ize that Fire­fly has some­thing that sep­a­rates him from all oth­er mem­bers of Cobra — he is utter­ly com­pe­tent.  I can’t think of an instance where he fails in his mis­sion.  Any time Cobra Com­man­der wants a plan to actu­al­ly work, whether it be sab­o­tag­ing the Joe’s artillery to pee­ing in Gen­er­al Hawk’s break­fast, he should just call on Firefly…

One last thing to note… it’s nice to see Cobra Com­man­der win sometimes…

Now you know…

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