Half the Battle #20 — The Argument

Half the Battle!

#20 — The Argument

#20 - HtB The Argument

Here it is — my first (and maybe last) “Sun­day style” strip.  I put in the extra time (and pan­els) because I want­ed to work on the tim­ing of the joke at the end.  Hope­ful­ly, it worked…

The GI Joe car­toon had a lot of real­ly good “team-up” char­ac­ters.  Char­ac­ters that played real­ly well off of each oth­er.  There was Alpine and Bazooka, Flint and Lady Jaye, Dusty and Foot­loose, and, in the sec­ond sea­son, Leath­er­neck and Wet Suit.  What sep­a­rat­ed Leath­er­neck and Wet Suit from the rest was that they seemed to gen­uine­ly hate each oth­er.  They fought in pret­ty much every episode they were both in, usu­al­ly for no rea­son.  I’ve decid­ed to give them one…

Now you know…

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