Half the Battle! #25 — Synthoids! part 2

Half the Battle!

#25 — Synthoids! part 2


Here it is!  The long-await­ed sec­ond part to the Syn­thoids! sto­ry­line.  Sor­ry for the delay. Espe­cial­ly since the wait should war­rant some kind of increase in qual­i­ty, when, in actu­al­i­ty, that last pan­el might be the worst draw­ing I’ve done in the entire series… Them’s the breaks, I guess…

Any­whoo, this strip feeds into my the­o­ry as to why Duke always gets cap­tured by Cobra in the old car­toon.  He loves prison food (and so does his goopy double)!

Now you know…

Note: I have updat­ed this page to make the flow of pan­el 3 more readable.

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