Half the Battle! #22 — The Interrogation

Half the Battle!

#22 — The Interrogation

#22-HtB Interrogation

Soooo… in this strip, I went back to the Duke=Zoidberg well.  It’s a pret­ty sim­i­lar joke that I put in a dif­fer­ent strip (that being, Duke is a pathet­ic los­er who gets him­self cap­tured in order to get a free meal), but I fig­ure we can just chalk it up to re-estab­lish­ing char­ac­ter traits, right?  … right?  All I can say is that I real­ly like explain­ing Duke get­ting cap­tured all the time in this man­ner, and that I have a few strips planned where I explore this further.

Now you know…

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