Half the Battle #14 — More Than Meets the Eye!

Half the Battle

#14 — More Than Meets the Eye!

HTB #14 - More Than Meets the Eye Image

The idea for this strip comes from an actu­al episode, called “Com­put­er Com­pli­ca­tions.”  In the episode, Zarana goes under­cov­er into the Joe base to sab­o­tage the Joe’s com­put­er sys­tem, but falls in love with Main­frame.  Obvi­ous­ly, the reveal in my strip with Zartan is made up, though absolute­ly not in the realm of impos­si­bil­i­ty when it comes to the GI Joe uni­verse.  Pret­ty much every Cobra oper­a­tive is a mas­ter of dis­guise, and there are plen­ty of episodes where a char­ac­ter pulls off a mask, reveal­ing Zartan, the Baroness, and in one case, Major Bludd, com­plete with giant hel­met and eye-patch.

Now you know…

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