Half the Battle #12 — Snake Eyes Proves It

Half the Battle

#12 — Snake Eyes Proves It

Here is the sec­ond part of a two-part sto­ry about Snake Eyes’ inclu­sion in the Mous­tache Squad.

HTB #12 - Snake Eyes Proves It

I’d like to think that this is the first show­ing of Snake Eyes’ ass crack on the inter­net, but who am I kid­ding?  All I real­ly have to add with this one is that I always thought Snake Eyes’ bad-assery was helped by his silence.  Pret­ty much any­thing he says would lessen his impact… as you see here.

Also, I’m aware of the mis­take in the posi­tion of his sword in pan­els 3 and 4.  Let’s just say that with quick nin­ja skills, he switched which shoul­der he rest­ed his scab­bard… for rea­sons we can’t hope to understand…

Now you know…

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