Half the Battle #9 — Flint’s Gloves

Half the Battle

#9 — Flint’s Gloves

Obvi­ous­ly, I’m a pret­ty big fan of GI Joe.  But if the inter­net has taught me any­thing, it’s that I’m not the biggest fan by far.  There are online fan pages that allow fans to show­case their obses­sive met­tle and many of these peo­ple put me to shame in terms of zeal­ous pas­sion.  This strip makes fun of these peo­ple and is prob­a­bly my most insid­er of the bunch. 

For those that are not entrenched in the GI Joe forum com­mu­ni­ties, when the new action fig­ures were first put out a few years ago com­mem­o­rat­ing the 25th anniver­sary of the orig­i­nal line, they released a Flint action fig­ure that used the same body mold as anoth­er char­ac­ter, Duke.  A loud por­tion of the online fan­dom went up in arms that Flint did not have gloves, like he did in his orig­i­nal 1985 ver­sion.  The ven­omous invec­tive spout­ed over this issue had noth­ing to do with the over­all qual­i­ty of the fig­ure (which actu­al­ly was­n’t all that good) and, to me, illus­trat­ed nerd rage pret­ty per­fect­ly. So, in the grand tra­di­tion of many artists, I now present a strip ridi­cul­ing my most like­ly fan­base… Enjoy!

HTB #9 - Flint's Gloves


Oh, by the way, the same nerd rage (though not as vir­u­lent­ly) was extend­ed towards Lady Jaye with her hat…

And now you know…

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