Half the Battle #19 — Cutter

Half the Battle!

#19 — Cutter

#19-HtB Cutter Image

It’s anoth­er Mus­tache Squad strip.  This one involves Cut­ter, one of my least favorite char­ac­ters in GI Joe.  Even as a lit­tle kid, I hat­ed him.  While every­one else was wear­ing cool com­bat fatigues, there was Cut­ter, wear­ing a life vest and a Red Sox cap.  Lame.  In the car­toon, he wore his life vest on the Joe base, which annoyed the crap out of me.  Of course, they did this because he needs to look as close to his toy coun­ter­part as pos­si­ble at all times, but still… I guess I should just be thank­ful that he was­n’t as preachy about safe­ty as Life­line was about violence…

Now you know…

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