Half the Battle! #24 — Synthoids! part 1

Half the Battle!

#24 — Synthoids! part 1

HtB #24 - Synthoids! part 1

This strip is based on a very spe­cif­ic two-part sto­ry called “The Syn­thoid Con­spir­a­cy.”  In the episodes, Cobra Com­man­der replaces the top gen­er­als in the US armed forces with gooey dop­pel­gangers called syn­thoids in order to defund GI Joe.  It’s kind of a neat idea.  Of course, as per usu­al, Duke also gets captured…

Like the actu­al episodes, this will be a two-part sto­ry, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now you know…


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One thought on “Half the Battle! #24 — Synthoids! part 1

  1. Thank you for the oppor­tu­ni­ty con­tribute to such a won­der­ful anthol­o­gy that com­m­me­o­rates the way the mil­i­tary and the fam­i­lies see both the wars they fight and them­selves. I would be proud to sub­mit as the moth­er of a Coast Guard sol­dier and wife of a retired Viet­nam vet. We all sac­ri­fice together.


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