Start-Up Beatdown Page is Up!

In order to fur­ther sab­o­tage my career as a free­lancer, I’ve decid­ed to post the book I wrote (and con­tin­ue to write) about my true-life work expe­ri­ences at a start-up chil­dren’s ‘edu­tain­ment’ company.

The page can be found on the menu screen at the top of the page and right here.

Like my Joe com­ic, new chap­ters will appear every week.



World's Worst Jobs

My Top 10 Favoritest Cereals!

My Top 10 Favorite Cereals!

It’s time this web­site got seri­ous, and I can think of no more seri­ous a top­ic than list­ing my top 10 favorite cere­als (in all hon­esty, I real­ly can’t … Does this make me a bad per­son?) From the ridicu­lous­ly sug­ary to the mod­er­ate­ly sug­ary — from the kind that crack­les and pops in your milk to the kind that stays crunchy in your stom­ach acid — I present to you my top ten cere­als. I’d like you all to keep in mind that this is only a list of cur­rent cere­als. This isn’t a nos­tal­gic trip down mem­o­ry lane, it is about help­ing hun­gry boys and girls in Africa and around the world who don’t know what cere­al to eat. So, with fake humil­i­ty, I present my list of favorite cereals:

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Half the Battle #1 — Lifeline and Beachhead go to the Movies

Wel­come!  This is the first com­ic of what will be a week­ly strip about a top­ic near and dear to all of our hearts — the GI Joe car­toon of the 1980s.  In this excit­ing episode, Life­line and Beach­head go to the movies…

HTB #1: Lifeline and Beachhead go to the Movies...
#1: Life­line and Beach­head go to the Movies…

And now you know…