Startup Beatdown #2 — The Next Jeffrey Dahmer

The sec­ond chap­ter of The Start­up Beat­down is up for your perusal/pity.  Recent­ly, I actu­al­ly found the email that I wrote to my boss/chief tor­men­tor, so I’ve includ­ed it in the chap­ter.  In oth­er words, this chap­ter has NEW, NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE con­tent.

Any­way, in this chap­ter, unbe­knownst to me, every­one at work thinks I’m a rapist…

The page can be found on the menu screen at the top of the page and right here.

Like my Joe com­ic, new chap­ters will appear every week.


Jeffrey Dahmer Cartoon - Phil Selby

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