8 Ways the Early 2000s Era of GI Joe Is Underrated

There have been plen­ty of iter­a­tions of GI Joe action fig­ures through­out the years, with the newest being the 6” Clas­si­fied line.  While some ver­sions are high­ly regard­ed, such as the A Real Amer­i­can Hero line of the 1980s-90s, oth­ers are not looked on fond­ly by the Joe community.

One of those maligned iter­a­tions was the GI Joe vs. Cobra/SpyTroops/Valor vs. Ven­om era of the ear­ly 2000s.  Some of the crit­i­cism is jus­ti­fied — the pro­por­tions were often hor­ren­dous, paint appli­ca­tions were some­times soft, and many fig­ures looked down­right janky — but this line also had many pos­i­tive qual­i­ties that get over­looked today.  Here are 8 ways GI Joe of the ear­ly aughts kicked ass: